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Mental "Illness"

Mental "Illness"

There are by some estimates 5 million plus mentally ill people in the US, (1 million are arrested each year) likely many more. Most go unnoticed and uncared for. People, and all our institutions just avoid them, their family tolerates them, and/or institutions reject them, and they become, more often than not, angry drifting "loners." 

A loner, by definition is a sick person, period, and can easily become an evil person that is capable at the extremes of acting out in violent ways. Not all do so act out, but enough do to make being a loner a high risk for violence and law breaking generally, and most people in prison are loners. 

Nothing is worse than being a loner. If anyone rejects authority of any sort then they should do so in a group, not as a loner. If they can't find a group then they should form a group. No one can fight "City Hall" alone. Trying to do so produces dire results and makes "City Hall" even stronger and more objectionable. 

But a lot of loser-loner crazies are not rational enough to even understand this, much less act on along these lines.