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Mental "Illness"

Mental "Illness"

There are by some estimates 5 million plus mentally ill people in the US, (1 million are arrested each year) likely many more. Most go unnoticed and uncared for. People, and all our institutions just avoid them, their family tolerates them, and/or institutions reject them, and they become, more often than not, angry drifting "loners." 

A loner, by definition is a sick person, period, and can easily become an evil person that is capable at the extremes of acting out in violent ways. Not all do so act out, but enough do to make being a loner a high risk for violence and law breaking generally, and most people in prison are loners. 

Nothing is worse than being a loner. If anyone rejects authority of any sort then they should do so in a group, not as a loner. If they can't find a group then they should form a group. No one can fight "City Hall" alone. Trying to do so produces dire results and makes "City Hall" even stronger and more objectionable. 

But a lot of loser-loner crazies are not rational enough to even understand this, much less act on along these lines.

The only time we notice this whole problem is when one of these "unorganized" loners breaks out and kills a bunch of people. And, yes, even some small groups can become infected with this "Lonersism" disease. Witness "Jones Town" and other situations where a small group acts out in the same way a single loner acts out. 

We talk about the most recent case of the "angry, disturbed young man" who goes on a shooting rampage as though it were not part of a much larger problem. Society has created these ticking time bombs and is creating more of them all the time. Presumably, society just doesn't care about all this enough to do anything effective about it. Here is the right solution. 

The family is supposed to take care of its own disturbed people, that and the Church and the Employers, the Neighbors, and Community generally. But all these non-governmental institutions have been gutted out by the government, such that the government is now the sole, an last, institution left standing, to take care of ordinary people and their perceived, or real, problems. 

With the near total destruction of the authority of all our non-governmental institutions, everything is then dumped on the government, which is clearly least capable of handling these types of problems. No wonder the nation is spiraling into the abyss. Meanwhile there are special interest groups making money and gaining power by this process of degenerating society. Want to solve this? "Follow the Money." 

The news reports are depressingly the same in each case. They go something like: 

"His outbursts frightened teachers and classmates (naturally, at the horrible socialist-public government owned and operated) school where he was suspended for behavioral issues. He alienated people, wrote incoherent, raging diatribes, and disturbed classmates with radical comments." 

How could such warning signs be ignored by everyone, including the unhelpful so-called school, and the over-weaning dominant government, especially when the government has gutted power from all the other non-government institution alternatives, like the family, the church, and the employer that formerly restrained, and more effectively, treated such troubled people? Now days these other non-governmental institutions are restrained by fear of the law from touching or treating any members of society.

The reality is that the line between unusual behavior and someone being a true threat is murky, which is the very reason why the heavy oppressive hand of government is the least suitable entity to make that kind of judgment. Also, even though the government is dominant, it doesn't have the draconian power it would need to control or "help" these kinds of people. For example, It doesn't, (thank God) have that many options to detain people who exhibit disturbing behavior, but have not committed a crime. We citizens fear to give government that kind of power, as it has led in the past to concentration camps, ala Nazism, and Gulags, ala Socialism and Communism.

Often these border-line nuts will have brushes with the law that do not rise to the level to set off alarm bells for authorities. The "authorities" in the first place are unsuitable to dealing with the sorts of people-problems that families, churches, employers and other were designed to deal with, but which now they can't due to the government tying their hands.

Mental health "experts" have these intellectually comfortable diagnoses such as schizophrenia, psychosis, sociopathic or bipolar disorders that they bureaucratically pigeon-hole people into, because by and large they are not suitable to handle these people either. Sure, they have studied the subject, and are knowledgeable about that, but they have NO proper relationship with the actual person that would allow them to be of much help, and again, even they are restricted in their dealings with the patients, again by fear of government dominance over everything. As a result, their hands are tied also. So that leaves the raw power of government with badges and guns to deal with our suffering people. Not a very effective tool, unless some sort of mass lock-up or extermination is the final solution plan. And that thinking bodes ill for all our freedoms, and the very existence of civilization and humanity.

"Possible signs of psychosis can include keeping to oneself, avoiding social interaction, having odd interests and beliefs, for example, in UFOs, reading the future, and other displays of losing touch with reality," said one well known psychiatrist from a major University. If that is the best that the government-psychiatric complex can come up with as diagnosis and treatment, it is pitiful. So now, we are to conclude that everyone who is interested in UFOs should be locked up in a camp somewhere and "treated and cured" by the government, and hired government psychiatrists. Dr Mengele perhaps?

A normal society presupposes a Family and other non-governmental structures that have realistic authority over its members. That authority, along with the authority of churches, employers and others have traditionally taken responsibility for our people and cared for them. Problem is, this former system has been systematically dismantled over the last 75 years or so, (to profit some special interest groups, while impoverishing  most of us) and now barely exists. 

The troubled person today often withdraws, and shows contempt for others, a sure sign that he or she is rapidly losing positive relationships. Another symptom may be loss of sleep because of brain chemistry changes. Sometimes these can be mere signs of "eccentricity;" the difference is that the person at risk is suffering, while the quirky-but-healthy person is more or less content.

A teenager who is mentally at risk feels very lonely and alienated and worried that they're going crazy. This state may not make the person look so different from the outside, but from the inside experience of the individual, it's a very different situation.

Such symptoms do not mean they'll surely progress to violence, and other disorders, but they do play a role, and shifts in behavior can be sudden and extreme. The family, church, employer and other such non-governmental institutions have been proven over thousands of years to be best at treating these persons. While experience has shown, over and over, that the government, including the quasi-governmental institutional psychiatric industry are the least suitable to handle this sort of thing.

When someone's behavior spirals out of control, the family and other non-governmental institutions have to determine whether it's eccentricity or something severe, AND apply treatment. But families, churches and employers, etc., fearing government retribution, will often dismiss these calls for  help as a "phase," or utter some other non-responsive reaction, because they fear to be involved at all. 

The idea is to coerce someone in a compassionate way, and government and the government sponsored mental health industry simply are not able to do that, particularly, as there is no hard line between odd behavior and mental illness. All the government is able to deal with, are clear acts of lawbreaking, and even there, they are not very efficient at that either. Additionally, the quasi-governmental mental health industry is just a lot of abstract bureaucratic talk, because that is all the power and skills they have at their disposal.

For families and friends, churches and employers it's important to engage the problem rather than avoid it, but they fear and dread governmental retribution if they do "get involved." Thus, the government effectively interposes itself in-between the person at risk, and his non-governmental interfacers. 

All the government-psychiatry axis can think about, or offer, is forced medication and forced "therapy" in one way or another, to deal with these actual human beings. Government, (in any quasi-guise,) IS NOT THE ANSWER...That is for sure. We need to revamp our society from top to bottom, and dump the "government knows best" failed syndrome that has been foisted on us by the Leftist Liberals who mostly run things in our society. 

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