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The Judiciary is the most un-democratic sector of our government. There is nothing in the Constitution about three branches of government, never mind three co-equal branches, nor is balance of power mentioned either. 

There is only one sovereign power under the Constitution and that is Congress, more specifically, the House of Representatives, for even the Senate is an inferior body to the House, and the President is little more than a hired employee, albeit, elected by the people, sort of. 

As for the Judiciary, it is composed of nothing but hired hands, elected by no one, and subject to termination without cause at the will of Congress, this along with the president and all his appointees. This is what the Constitution says, read carefully, and accurately. Vested "Interests" have interpreted and taught it otherwise, but that doesn't mean what they have pushed and taught is true. 

That understood: The question of the untoward manipulation of the judiciary is of paramount importance to the governance of the country. Originally, and properly, the Supreme Court was forced to meet in a small, actually tiny, room off the floor of the Senate. On can see the old room still sitting there as a bit of history, roped off as a curiosity, when one visits the Capitol. There are the nine straight backed chairs all facing each other like workers or like children set up to do their lessons under the ever watchful eyes of the Senate proctor across the hall. [No sitting then on the high thrones they have unlawfully set up for themselves in their Palace they have constructed for themselves across the street.

This then is the relationship that is supposed to exist between the Congress and the judiciary, but no more. Now they have usurped power and moved into a grandiose temple across the street from Congress that rivals, instead of obeys the Congress. 

At first, the Conservative Federalists used the judiciary to control and damp down the quasi communist Democrats led by the ambitious Jefferson. The 
judiciary, in the early days, was often the stronghold of Conservatives, whether they were called Federalists, Whigs, or later Republicans. Not that the court, due to its nature, was not constantly a trouble maker, even then, for it was, but at least it was controlled then by the saner parts of the nation. 

Among its mischievous insanities were thing like, for example, the Dred Scott decision which set off the Civil War. It has always been a wild card that has done, by and large, more harm than good. Its decisions over the life of the Republic have been terrible. It is the meddler in chief of the nation. 

This brings us to the present situation, particularly, the last 70 years, wherein the Court has become the dominant force in creating public policy. Never was any body less qualified to make public policy than the Supreme Court. What it does is disgusting. Those who lose out in elections, run to the Court to get what the voters will not give them and Congress abdicates on. 

Naturally, Liberals, and all their kissing cousins, in the modern era, are the heart and soul of judicial activism. The Federal Courts, with the State Courts following meekly hat-in-hand along, have come to be the chief law making body in the nation. It is scary, sad, and pitiful, not to speak of fatally dangerous. 

Whether in matters of the Wars on God, Life, the West, Decency, the Family, Congress, the Presidency, Marriage, Fathers, Private Property, Gun Rights, Immigration, the Military, Sovereignty, and a hundred other targets of Liberal-Progressive-Socialist-Communist-Fascist-Nazi activism, the Courts in each case have led the way and provided the muscle the check mate the entire nation. 

They have been the certified war horses of every ignoble cause imaginable. They have destructed the Constitution with 40,000 decisions in the last 200 years, most all of them dead wrong. One can almost say, the "supreme" Court is Liberalism etc. today. The Parties of the Left have now become the joined at the hip partners with the most un-democratic sector of government, wouldn't you know. No wonder the Left has now become the great Tyrants of our time, and in partnership with the "supreme" Court, a clear danger to the Republic.  

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