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Beggars Bums And Benefactors

Beggars Bums And Benefactors 

There is nothing lower on this earth than people who want something for nothing. No, correct that, there is something lower, and that is the hateful person who gives someone something for nothing. Governments love to give people something for nothing, but then again, all governments hate all of us, and wish only to degrade us to a status lower than pet dogs and cats. 

Each of these two types of ungodly parasites (the giver and the receiver) deserve the other. The giver of something for nothing is actually far lower than the one who asks for something for nothing. Both of them are sociopathic, anti-social, and demoniacally hateful. Both seek to demean and degrade the other, and both feel a sense of satisfaction that there is someone on earth who is as low, if not lower, than they are. Certainly it is a case of misery and hate, loving company.

Now, this in no way is a criticism of capitalism, quite the contrary. Capitalism is ALWAYS giving something for something, never giving something for nothing. Capitalism is a fair exchange of services and products, with money being properly used as the medium of exchange. This is normal and this is godly. The Bible says it is MORE blessed to give than to receive, BUT it is still blessed to receive, so it preserves the balance of giving AND receiving. When God forgives us it is NOT free.... We must confess our sins and repent to get forgiveness. Forgiveness is always conditional on our doing other things, and this is as it should be. God would be an idiot and evil to forgive someone for NOTHING on their part. Our God is a contractual God, not a freebie handout God.

The standard relationship pattern of these parasitical poor and these parasitical rich (the two enemies of any society)  is that they lust after, not a fair exchange, and a fair profit, but an unfair exchange and an unfair profit. The rich man who pervertedly uses misuses and patronizes the beggar, seeking to ungodly give without getting, thereby degrades the beggar and himself. While the beggar wanting to get without giving thereby degrades both himself and the evil pervert who enables him by giving unearned lucre to him.

Notice: In all this that no one actually wants or asks for brotherly help. Each of them is always careful to never ask the other for anything in exchange. If someone actually asks for help, that would be a godly thing, a thing that implies he wants to mutually share his burdens, and what he has with another, allowing that other person to enter his life, and stating that he is willing to enter the life of the other. It is true brotherly love where an exchange is somewhat equal. Then both people respect the other.

Nowhere in the Bible is unequal relationships advocated or condoned. That idea is a figment of WORLDLY Christianity, NOT Godly Christianity, Everyone earns his way in God's world, no one is degraded, or taken advantage of. You don't give the needy man a handout, you give him a job in one way or another. You give him the blessing of both giving and receiving, not just one.

Typical of parasitic relationships is the wastrel child (we all know one) who keeps hitting up his parents for money, but really has no interest in them, or love for them, at all, nor they for him. The parents show themselves to be as corrupt and unloving as the child when they supply this unearned money. It is a devil's bargain that is struck here. There is no love at all between anyone in this sort of relationship, and the whole charade eventually comes to a bad end.

Yes, it is good when someone is in need, for someone to respond to that need, but never by the one with money, throwing money at the person without money. That kind of one-sided relationship does no one any good. Now if one or more of the parties are in need, and they team up to deal with that need, and both parties work together to get that needy person lifted up, then that is good, because it is a team effort based on mutual respect and love, and mutual benefit.

The problem arises when one, or both, persons basically have contempt for each other, (and therefore want to parasite on each other in various ways) and agree to an unbalanced demonic contract wherein one party degrades himself by begging, and the other party degrades himself, by enabling the others degradation by rewarding his begging, like he would reward a dog, by tossing him the money he has begged for. The whole  transaction is totally without real love.

It is absolutely ungodly to give anything to anyone who has not earned it, and further ungodly to ask anyone for money under those circumstances. Never, ever, be part of such a mutually harmful transaction. Jesus never did such a thing, and nowhere in the Bible is it ever approved or encouraged. He never healed or fed anyone who was not a saved, righteous, and worthy person who clearly gave something back. 

Jesus, feeding his followers with loaves and fishes was giving them something for something NOT something for nothing.  They had been sitting in the hot sun on a rocky hillside for hours being taught by him. Clearly, they had earned their lunch. And clearly they were a bunch of saved, righteous, and worthy souls. This was giving something for something, NOT something for nothing.

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