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America Beautiful No More

America Beautiful No More

In light of the present state of affairs, America seems to have squandered its chance at greatness and beauty. We have managed to do this by the oldest and most common method of self-destruction known to mankind. It is the same method that brought down Rome and Greece, the early Israelites, and every other civilization in history.

What is that civilization and nation destroyer? You should know, and it should be taught to every child in the nation. Sadly, most Americans couldn't answer this question, if their life depended on it.

 The answer lays with our individual conduct, that of you, and I, and the rest of us. It is our genocidal, cruel, selfish, thoughtless, and ill-considered wiping out of our children that is killing us off as a nation and a people. More to the point, it is the depressed, and depressing, low number of Best and Brightest children each of us has.
We are dying as a nation, a people, and a religion because we are murdering our own children with more cruelty, and at a greater rate, than any mass murderer in history. Nothing is more evil than a person killing his, or her, own children, yet that is exactly what each of us are working hard at, from the time we wake up in the morning till when we go to bed a night, and at all the times in between.

The great, great Americans, (which we no longer are) who built this country, did it with a very high and healthy birth rate, averaging 5 or more children per woman. Notice that is average. Today we, the descendants of those same hardy people (our ancestors), who loved their children so much that they had a lot of them, including you, are reproducing at the suicidal, genocidal, holocaust rate of 1.2 children per woman average, which turns out to be around half of replacement. What puny, sickly descendants our ancestors produced. We are a disgrace to them, a shame to humanity, and an embarrassment to God, Who, BTW is snuffing us out because of our un-repented abominations.

Now, it is fact, not opinion, that any human population even living under the best of conditions will become statistically extinct in less than 100 years when they reproduce at a suicidal half of replacement. This is math, it is arithmetic, NOT OPINION. You are welcome to calculate the figures yourself. Easiest way is to take a note pad and check the number of children in your own family, and other families you know for the last 3 or 4 generations. Yes, there may be some rare exceptions in terms of numbers, but the actual numbers tell it all to anyone who is careful and caring enough to check them out.

It's true, our nation shows a very modest growth in numbers every year, BUT this growth DOES NOT consist of the children of those people who built this country, or their descendants. It is composed of new immigrants, the majority of which are illegals here, and the children they are having. No one has any idea what so ever of how many illegal immigrants there are in this country. It is likely more than double any figure you have heard.

When you subtract immigration in all its forms and manifestations, Americans are declining substantially every year. We all know and it a simple fact, that it is un-contestable that our present 3rd generation Americans are reproducing at a 1.2 children per woman, average, which is half of replacement. This modern day slaughter of the innocents is nothing less than a vicious anti-American genocidal extermination holocaust.

It is the illegals, and new immigrants, (and their higher reproduction rates,) that are filling the population gap as they pour into this country at a multi-million number rate per year. In short, put simply, we Americans are just not having any children. In response to our love affair with sin, God has stopped up our women's wombs. That is the only way to put it. In Addition, statistics show college graduates of every ethnicity, those that would make the best parents, have the same low 1.2 per woman average birth rate. So the Best and Brightest minorities are showing the same low birth rate of the majority population.

In particular, those young couples that we need to have our children to insure our future are averaging two, or one, or none per woman. Plus, large numbers, of even these few kids, are turning out Gay, while those that remain heterosexual are practicing their parent's massive child killing birth control of one sort or another. The result is looming extinction for our nation, and for our people, and all they stand for.

Do you want to do something effective to help your nation, values, and culture survive? Then have a baby, and another, and another, up to as many as God will possibly allow you. (Stop killing your kids with infernal birth control.) Only this can turn the tide as nothing else can. On the other hand, all the whining, political caterwauling, and "ain't it awful" belly-aching will do little to save us.

There are thousands of good Conservative Believer causes, but winning on all of them, even if that could be achieved, will not save us. Only a lot more children can do that. If we Conservative Believers lost on every one of their thousand good causes, but won on children, we would still win, but if, on the other hand, we won on every single one of these 1000 Conservative Believer Causes, and yet continued to lose on children, we would still lose everything.

At our present birth rate none of us, nor our descendants, will be here by the end of this century, consequently, we will have no need for our Flag, our English language,our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our gun rights, or even our Bible. If we are not going to be here, face it, what will we need with any of these things?

Why concentrate on saving our toys, when none of us, or our descendants, will be around to use or enjoy them, in order to serve God and Country, in less than a hundred years? The way it stands now, the end of this century spells the end of us. Thus we we Conservative Believers are merely re-arranging the deck chairs on our sinking Titanic headed to the bottom of the sea.

These numbers are not opinion, they are just simple old fashioned arithmetic. 

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