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Budget Lies

Budget Liars

Liberals, Progressives, or whatever their latest Alias is are, for all intents and purposes, in charge of our government at every level from the tiny village to the federal octopus on the Potomac, sad to say. 

No matter what you call them they are, in the words of the Bible, sons of their father the devil who is well known as the father of liars. Naturally, whatever these missing links do, or write, will be full of lies. 

Now, that doesn't mean Conservatives are perfect, far from it, but that their evil lying ways are based on their desperately trying to copy the Left and thereby gain their approval, or at least their tolerance. This means that while Conservative Believers make a lot of mistakes and do a lot of wrong things, they don't originate these things but are victims of monkey see, monkey do, where they simply copy the evil practices of the Left as best they can. 

That said, we must understand ANY government budget is a pack of lies from start to finish. One reason legislation gets longer and longer as the Country ages is that the lies become more convoluted and complex the longer they go on, and the greater the practice the liars have had. Commonly we now have individual laws running into the thousands of pages, and the more pages, you can be sure, the more lies it will surely contain.

A good example is the Schools budgets. They come up with fanciful lies about how much they are spending to mis-educate, and mistreat each child per year, but that figure is a complex pack of lies written by con men, and con women. They fail to include the cost of the buildings, (that is the total cost,) in any of these budgets. They never include the property taxes that these socialist schools don't pay to the government. The argument being that charging the schools taxes on their property would just be moving money from one pocket into the other. Well, to a liar that makes sense. But there is a thing called truth, and transparency, and honest bookkeeping. These values would require a complete accounting that would make a bookkeeping entry for the true cost of "educating" the child not a fictitious one. 

City Halls and all other government buildings also do not pay any taxes on their Hussein Saddam type palaces that they operate from. The public needs to know the true cost of all government operations in order to make intelligent decisions as to whether to finance these fun and game operations. Right now getting a truthful accounting figure from any government entity would be a figment of imagination. 

School budgets are just a tiny slice of the lie-pie. Multiply this example by ten thousand and you begin to get the picture. They use lying budgets to help them to bilk the taxpayers, and to persuade the public to allow them to continue to unfairly compete with private enterprise schools who do pay property taxes on their buildings. 

Let's start reforming government by requiring meticulously accurate bookkeeping, not a pack of creative lies. 

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