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America And Her Traitors

American Traitors

America Needs YOU!  It is America v. Her Traitors! 

America is at her lowest point in history. She needs every person that has a pulse who loves her to rally around the flag before it is too late. 

America has been beset by traitors since the first settlers landed at Plymouth Rock. so in some sense this is nothing new, but this time it is the final hour. She has struggled valiantly for 400 years to hold them at bay, but now they have finally ganged up on our Country such that our survival is in serious doubt. The Devil is making his biggest play ever for the soul of this, our country. 

Drop everything you are doing and enlist for the duration of this the final war, for this is the End Times battle. If we lose here, we lose everything, and the slippery slope will sweep us all into landfill. 

Do not doubt it, the America Haters are in full battle array, their banners unfurled, their teeth bared, their eyes glaring with deepest hate out of the very bile of their souls. 

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