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Mental "Illness"

Mental "Illness"

There are by some estimates 5 million plus mentally ill people in the US, (1 million are arrested each year) likely many more. Most go unnoticed and uncared for. People, and all our institutions just avoid them, their family tolerates them, and/or institutions reject them, and they become, more often than not, angry drifting "loners." 

A loner, by definition is a sick person, period, and can easily become an evil person that is capable at the extremes of acting out in violent ways. Not all do so act out, but enough do to make being a loner a high risk for violence and law breaking generally, and most people in prison are loners. 

Nothing is worse than being a loner. If anyone rejects authority of any sort then they should do so in a group, not as a loner. If they can't find a group then they should form a group. No one can fight "City Hall" alone. Trying to do so produces dire results and makes "City Hall" even stronger and more objectionable. 

But a lot of loser-loner crazies are not rational enough to even understand this, much less act on along these lines.

America Beautiful No More

America Beautiful No More

In light of the present state of affairs, America seems to have squandered its chance at greatness and beauty. We have managed to do this by the oldest and most common method of self-destruction known to mankind. It is the same method that brought down Rome and Greece, the early Israelites, and every other civilization in history.

What is that civilization and nation destroyer? You should know, and it should be taught to every child in the nation. Sadly, most Americans couldn't answer this question, if their life depended on it.

America And Her Traitors

American Traitors

America Needs YOU!  It is America v. Her Traitors! 

America is at her lowest point in history. She needs every person that has a pulse who loves her to rally around the flag before it is too late. 

America has been beset by traitors since the first settlers landed at Plymouth Rock. so in some sense this is nothing new, but this time it is the final hour. She has struggled valiantly for 400 years to hold them at bay, but now they have finally ganged up on our Country such that our survival is in serious doubt. The Devil is making his biggest play ever for the soul of this, our country. 

Drop everything you are doing and enlist for the duration of this the final war, for this is the End Times battle. If we lose here, we lose everything, and the slippery slope will sweep us all into landfill. 

Do not doubt it, the America Haters are in full battle array, their banners unfurled, their teeth bared, their eyes glaring with deepest hate out of the very bile of their souls. 



The Judiciary is the most un-democratic sector of our government. There is nothing in the Constitution about three branches of government, never mind three co-equal branches, nor is balance of power mentioned either. 

There is only one sovereign power under the Constitution and that is Congress, more specifically, the House of Representatives, for even the Senate is an inferior body to the House, and the President is little more than a hired employee, albeit, elected by the people, sort of. 

As for the Judiciary, it is composed of nothing but hired hands, elected by no one, and subject to termination without cause at the will of Congress, this along with the president and all his appointees. This is what the Constitution says, read carefully, and accurately. Vested "Interests" have interpreted and taught it otherwise, but that doesn't mean what they have pushed and taught is true. 

That understood: The question of the untoward manipulation of the judiciary is of paramount importance to the governance of the country. Originally, and properly, the Supreme Court was forced to meet in a small, actually tiny, room off the floor of the Senate. On can see the old room still sitting there as a bit of history, roped off as a curiosity, when one visits the Capitol. There are the nine straight backed chairs all facing each other like workers or like children set up to do their lessons under the ever watchful eyes of the Senate proctor across the hall. [No sitting then on the high thrones they have unlawfully set up for themselves in their Palace they have constructed for themselves across the street.

This then is the relationship that is supposed to exist between the Congress and the judiciary, but no more. Now they have usurped power and moved into a grandiose temple across the street from Congress that rivals, instead of obeys the Congress. 

At first, the Conservative Federalists used the judiciary to control and damp down the quasi communist Democrats led by the ambitious Jefferson. The 
judiciary, in the early days, was often the stronghold of Conservatives, whether they were called Federalists, Whigs, or later Republicans. Not that the court, due to its nature, was not constantly a trouble maker, even then, for it was, but at least it was controlled then by the saner parts of the nation. 

Among its mischievous insanities were thing like, for example, the Dred Scott decision which set off the Civil War. It has always been a wild card that has done, by and large, more harm than good. Its decisions over the life of the Republic have been terrible. It is the meddler in chief of the nation. 

This brings us to the present situation, particularly, the last 70 years, wherein the Court has become the dominant force in creating public policy. Never was any body less qualified to make public policy than the Supreme Court. What it does is disgusting. Those who lose out in elections, run to the Court to get what the voters will not give them and Congress abdicates on. 

Naturally, Liberals, and all their kissing cousins, in the modern era, are the heart and soul of judicial activism. The Federal Courts, with the State Courts following meekly hat-in-hand along, have come to be the chief law making body in the nation. It is scary, sad, and pitiful, not to speak of fatally dangerous. 

Whether in matters of the Wars on God, Life, the West, Decency, the Family, Congress, the Presidency, Marriage, Fathers, Private Property, Gun Rights, Immigration, the Military, Sovereignty, and a hundred other targets of Liberal-Progressive-Socialist-Communist-Fascist-Nazi activism, the Courts in each case have led the way and provided the muscle the check mate the entire nation. 

They have been the certified war horses of every ignoble cause imaginable. They have destructed the Constitution with 40,000 decisions in the last 200 years, most all of them dead wrong. One can almost say, the "supreme" Court is Liberalism etc. today. The Parties of the Left have now become the joined at the hip partners with the most un-democratic sector of government, wouldn't you know. No wonder the Left has now become the great Tyrants of our time, and in partnership with the "supreme" Court, a clear danger to the Republic.  

Beggars Bums And Benefactors

Beggars Bums And Benefactors 

There is nothing lower on this earth than people who want something for nothing. No, correct that, there is something lower, and that is the hateful person who gives someone something for nothing. Governments love to give people something for nothing, but then again, all governments hate all of us, and wish only to degrade us to a status lower than pet dogs and cats. 

Each of these two types of ungodly parasites (the giver and the receiver) deserve the other. The giver of something for nothing is actually far lower than the one who asks for something for nothing. Both of them are sociopathic, anti-social, and demoniacally hateful. Both seek to demean and degrade the other, and both feel a sense of satisfaction that there is someone on earth who is as low, if not lower, than they are. Certainly it is a case of misery and hate, loving company.

Now, this in no way is a criticism of capitalism, quite the contrary. Capitalism is ALWAYS giving something for something, never giving something for nothing. Capitalism is a fair exchange of services and products, with money being properly used as the medium of exchange. This is normal and this is godly. The Bible says it is MORE blessed to give than to receive, BUT it is still blessed to receive, so it preserves the balance of giving AND receiving. When God forgives us it is NOT free.... We must confess our sins and repent to get forgiveness. Forgiveness is always conditional on our doing other things, and this is as it should be. God would be an idiot and evil to forgive someone for NOTHING on their part. Our God is a contractual God, not a freebie handout God.

The standard relationship pattern of these parasitical poor and these parasitical rich (the two enemies of any society)  is that they lust after, not a fair exchange, and a fair profit, but an unfair exchange and an unfair profit. The rich man who pervertedly uses misuses and patronizes the beggar, seeking to ungodly give without getting, thereby degrades the beggar and himself. While the beggar wanting to get without giving thereby degrades both himself and the evil pervert who enables him by giving unearned lucre to him.

Notice: In all this that no one actually wants or asks for brotherly help. Each of them is always careful to never ask the other for anything in exchange. If someone actually asks for help, that would be a godly thing, a thing that implies he wants to mutually share his burdens, and what he has with another, allowing that other person to enter his life, and stating that he is willing to enter the life of the other. It is true brotherly love where an exchange is somewhat equal. Then both people respect the other.

Nowhere in the Bible is unequal relationships advocated or condoned. That idea is a figment of WORLDLY Christianity, NOT Godly Christianity, Everyone earns his way in God's world, no one is degraded, or taken advantage of. You don't give the needy man a handout, you give him a job in one way or another. You give him the blessing of both giving and receiving, not just one.

Typical of parasitic relationships is the wastrel child (we all know one) who keeps hitting up his parents for money, but really has no interest in them, or love for them, at all, nor they for him. The parents show themselves to be as corrupt and unloving as the child when they supply this unearned money. It is a devil's bargain that is struck here. There is no love at all between anyone in this sort of relationship, and the whole charade eventually comes to a bad end.

Yes, it is good when someone is in need, for someone to respond to that need, but never by the one with money, throwing money at the person without money. That kind of one-sided relationship does no one any good. Now if one or more of the parties are in need, and they team up to deal with that need, and both parties work together to get that needy person lifted up, then that is good, because it is a team effort based on mutual respect and love, and mutual benefit.

The problem arises when one, or both, persons basically have contempt for each other, (and therefore want to parasite on each other in various ways) and agree to an unbalanced demonic contract wherein one party degrades himself by begging, and the other party degrades himself, by enabling the others degradation by rewarding his begging, like he would reward a dog, by tossing him the money he has begged for. The whole  transaction is totally without real love.

It is absolutely ungodly to give anything to anyone who has not earned it, and further ungodly to ask anyone for money under those circumstances. Never, ever, be part of such a mutually harmful transaction. Jesus never did such a thing, and nowhere in the Bible is it ever approved or encouraged. He never healed or fed anyone who was not a saved, righteous, and worthy person who clearly gave something back. 

Jesus, feeding his followers with loaves and fishes was giving them something for something NOT something for nothing.  They had been sitting in the hot sun on a rocky hillside for hours being taught by him. Clearly, they had earned their lunch. And clearly they were a bunch of saved, righteous, and worthy souls. This was giving something for something, NOT something for nothing.

Accounting Liars

Accounting Lies

There is an old saying that, "Figures don't lie, but liars figure." The nation and the economy are robbed blind by lying "accounting systems" of various complexity and of varying duplicity benefiting very ignoble people. 

What happens is those who create these systems of "accounting" and their kissing cousins, "budgets" have various axes to grind, most of them mired in getting unjustified amounts of money for overpriced products and services. They are a product of the, "something for nothing" mentality that is contrary to the national interest. 

The cure for all this is "zero budgeting," and "zero based cost accounting." It also might be called honest accounting and no budgeting at all.  This combination is sometimes called "Lean Management." 

Lean management is the simple idea of paying as little as possible in each instance for the best possible product or service, and selling the  resultant company products for as much as possible. Real simple, right? But, any sort of budgeting inhibits and discourages this lean management process, and dishonest accounting methods act to enable and hide the acts and consequences of non-lean management. 

Thus both budgeting and accounting work against the maximum profitability of the company. Example: Company buys a box of paper clips at two dollars a box. Typically, this figure will go unchallenged either as a projected budget cost, or as an expenditure after the fact. That is all wrong. This purchase must be monitored in such a way as to ascertain whether any clips were needed at all, whether they could be bought for less, and whether the brand was a good one for the money, and whether their was any tie-ins being overlooked that could benefit the company purchase, and whether their were any corrupt tie-ins involved that raised costs and decreased quality because of some corrupt practice on the part of anyone or everyone in the approval chain. 

This is the proper definition of real Cost Accounting, but don't go looking for it in any accounting text book. It is considered and affront to the old boy network and all their justifiers and hanger ons, a group no accounting firm dares to confront. 

This sort of lean management has few advocates, and no supporters in academia as it squeezes the juice out of every transaction the company engages in, and that juice is what all corrupt and lazy employees feed off of, and it is they who mostly feed academia. 

All talk of "budgets" disappear when lean management sets the goal of zero costs and maximized income. The only "budget" of any value is to keep expenses as low as humanly possible and profits as high as humanly possible. Once you set any kind of "targets" you dampen the prospect of reducing costs and increasing profits anywhere beyond those budgetary targets. 

Now, justifying each expenditure and sales price can produce a blizzard of paper justifying each purchase and sale price, and this must be guarded against, for lean management means lean paper justifications as well. It is pointless to save on the purchase of those paper clips if the gain is to be eaten up in by paperwork justifications and chain of command approvals. 

Dream Act Anti-American

Dream Act Boondoggle 

This so-called "Dream Act" is a load of anti-American budget-busting Liberalism. It is NOT a "Dream Act" it is a Nightmare Act for everyone else, those who wait outside our gates and play by the rules, and an insult to all Americans. 

To wit: It would allow any "illegal alien child, 16 or under, to immediately be granted a  path to citizenship if he, or she can prove they have been in this country for the last 2 years, and they have attended any school in the US for a minimum of 2 years. In addition such an illegal could force any state in the nation, not just their state of residence, to give them in-state tuition. This is a costly right and a benefit that no other American has, even disabled veterans. You may be able to get instate tuition in your own state through a tough qualification process, but no way can any American get in-state tuition in EVERY state in the Union. 

This phony Liberal-Progressive Act is so unfair and harmful to America and Americans that it is not even discussable. For one thing, it is pure amnesty by the back door. 

The effect of this dreadful Dream Act would be to allow any illegal parents to get their illegal child into the country in any way, by hook or crook, then scheme and plot to get that child qualified under the so-called "Dream Act" to get him or her citizenship, so that he, or she, could then bring in the parents, grandparents, and siblings into the country legally using the family unification ruse. It would open the door to millions of new illegals to hatch schemes to become citizens. Meanwhile millions of others who have played by the rules wait outside our gates in vain for their turn to enter legally

Such criminal shenanigans are a travesty of justice, and discriminate against those who are playing by the rules trying to enter this country, while the illegals who criminally broke the law jump to the front of line, of course with the help of the Leftist-Liberal-Progressive Party. 



Privatization is a mess as it is currently configured. Everything is wrong with it. It ushers in divided authority and divided responsibility for getting the work done. It sets the stage for finger pointing, and the dodging of consequences for failures, and in many cases it actually doubles the costs due to duplication and conflict this divided authority creates. 

Privatization can work wonders where the contracting company is given full authority over the entire mission. If the contractors, as is the case now, are only lackeys and butt boys for the bureaucrats doing their work for them, while they sit on their butts, cashing their paychecks for doing nothing, the whole thing is a waste of time and money and we end up worse than we were before. 

The fault is Congress for not writing the absolute guidelines for all outsourcing and "privatizations." The Executive Branch cannot be trusted to write those guidelines or supervise any part of the privatizations. 

Congress must have the total oversight, and these companies must understand their contract is with Congress, NOT with the Executive Branch. The oversight relationship of Congress must be the same whether the work is being done by an "agency" of the government, or by a private company. 

Congress must treat these contractors just the way it should treat government agencies. That is the only way any privatizations of any of the work of the government can occur effectively. 

Budget Lies

Budget Liars

Liberals, Progressives, or whatever their latest Alias is are, for all intents and purposes, in charge of our government at every level from the tiny village to the federal octopus on the Potomac, sad to say. 

No matter what you call them they are, in the words of the Bible, sons of their father the devil who is well known as the father of liars. Naturally, whatever these missing links do, or write, will be full of lies. 

Now, that doesn't mean Conservatives are perfect, far from it, but that their evil lying ways are based on their desperately trying to copy the Left and thereby gain their approval, or at least their tolerance. This means that while Conservative Believers make a lot of mistakes and do a lot of wrong things, they don't originate these things but are victims of monkey see, monkey do, where they simply copy the evil practices of the Left as best they can. 

That said, we must understand ANY government budget is a pack of lies from start to finish. One reason legislation gets longer and longer as the Country ages is that the lies become more convoluted and complex the longer they go on, and the greater the practice the liars have had. Commonly we now have individual laws running into the thousands of pages, and the more pages, you can be sure, the more lies it will surely contain.

A good example is the Schools budgets. They come up with fanciful lies about how much they are spending to mis-educate, and mistreat each child per year, but that figure is a complex pack of lies written by con men, and con women. They fail to include the cost of the buildings, (that is the total cost,) in any of these budgets. They never include the property taxes that these socialist schools don't pay to the government. The argument being that charging the schools taxes on their property would just be moving money from one pocket into the other. Well, to a liar that makes sense. But there is a thing called truth, and transparency, and honest bookkeeping. These values would require a complete accounting that would make a bookkeeping entry for the true cost of "educating" the child not a fictitious one. 

City Halls and all other government buildings also do not pay any taxes on their Hussein Saddam type palaces that they operate from. The public needs to know the true cost of all government operations in order to make intelligent decisions as to whether to finance these fun and game operations. Right now getting a truthful accounting figure from any government entity would be a figment of imagination. 

School budgets are just a tiny slice of the lie-pie. Multiply this example by ten thousand and you begin to get the picture. They use lying budgets to help them to bilk the taxpayers, and to persuade the public to allow them to continue to unfairly compete with private enterprise schools who do pay property taxes on their buildings. 

Let's start reforming government by requiring meticulously accurate bookkeeping, not a pack of creative lies. 

No Pay For Officials

No Pay For Officials

No pay for officials would go a long way toward fixing what ails our government, and nation. There is no rational reason for society to pay any government officials, or Church officials, or any non-profit officials of any sort, either. After all they are not businesses. 

Being a government official is, by its nature, work suited to being done by volunteers. Any actual work that needs to be done on behalf of government can, and should, be contracted out to private companies.If garbage needs to be picked up, it is a job for private companies to do, either by contract with the homeowner directly, which would be preferable, or by contract with the government. Same for police and fire as well as the running of libraries and so forth.