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Dream Act Anti-American

Dream Act Boondoggle 

This so-called "Dream Act" is a load of anti-American budget-busting Liberalism. It is NOT a "Dream Act" it is a Nightmare Act for everyone else, those who wait outside our gates and play by the rules, and an insult to all Americans. 

To wit: It would allow any "illegal alien child, 16 or under, to immediately be granted a  path to citizenship if he, or she can prove they have been in this country for the last 2 years, and they have attended any school in the US for a minimum of 2 years. In addition such an illegal could force any state in the nation, not just their state of residence, to give them in-state tuition. This is a costly right and a benefit that no other American has, even disabled veterans. You may be able to get instate tuition in your own state through a tough qualification process, but no way can any American get in-state tuition in EVERY state in the Union. 

This phony Liberal-Progressive Act is so unfair and harmful to America and Americans that it is not even discussable. For one thing, it is pure amnesty by the back door. 

The effect of this dreadful Dream Act would be to allow any illegal parents to get their illegal child into the country in any way, by hook or crook, then scheme and plot to get that child qualified under the so-called "Dream Act" to get him or her citizenship, so that he, or she, could then bring in the parents, grandparents, and siblings into the country legally using the family unification ruse. It would open the door to millions of new illegals to hatch schemes to become citizens. Meanwhile millions of others who have played by the rules wait outside our gates in vain for their turn to enter legally

Such criminal shenanigans are a travesty of justice, and discriminate against those who are playing by the rules trying to enter this country, while the illegals who criminally broke the law jump to the front of line, of course with the help of the Leftist-Liberal-Progressive Party. 

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